What is Professional Video Conferencing (VC) Camera?

While built-in laptop cameras and consumer video conferencing cameras work with most platforms (such as Skype, Teams, Zoom, and Webex), professional VC cameras also typically offer enhanced video and audio quality, and much greater versatility.

Professional models include:
• ePTZ functionality with auto-framing which adapts the picture according to the number and position of participants in a small huddle space
• Robotic PTZ camera head for use in medium-sized meeting rooms
• All-in-one video soundbar design incorporating a camera, microphones, and speaker in one device.



How do I control a Conference Camera?

With technologies such as auto-framing, Lumens automates most aspects of camera control. For manual control, Lumens software gives users to adjust video settings and the shooting angle and position of the camera. Zoom-certified units can be controlled remotely by the Zoom Rooms Controller.




Mounting and Installing Conference Cameras

Typically, webcams are equipped with a built-in mount for laptops or displays. PTZ-style conference cameras can be placed on wall or celining mounts and camera poles.